Hello reader, my name is William Hermonat the founder of East To West Studios. My venture into filmmaking started back in 2008 when I wanted to record a local event to share with friends and family. I started with only a borrowed tape recorder and my own aspirations. After fooling around with events I was involved with, I was offered my first gig a year later. I still to this day strive for knowledge. So when it came to things like making a logo for my own company, and DVD covers for the product I was selling, the internet was my best friend. Several years I have refined my skills in filmmaking and graphic design to a professional level.

Even though they have changed year to year, I have finally established my end goal. It took me a few years before finally settling as ETW Studios or East To West Studios as my company name. East To West is a reference to many things for me. But primarily my goal is to make documentaries with topics that need to be heard, from around the world, to all the world, from the very east, to the very west. Another big factor in both my professional life as well as my day to day life is my relationship with God. He shapes every fiber of my being to make me the man I want to be. Film is a tool He has given me to be shared with everyone. His love is something that can be felt as far as the east is from the west, and likewise, I wish to follow His example. The only thing I have been practicing longing than filmmaking is music through guitar. And as I work on learning how to produce my own music I hope to add this to services I can offer. Film is a combination of visual and sound/music. So these experiences all come full circle into improving my understanding on how I express myself through my films. Passion is one of my defining characteristics, and I hope to capture that in a way people can feel through my works.