Etw Studios does several design projects of varing types, and we are always up for something new. If you are interested in getting a custom design please email us at . Prices, examples, and more info can be found below. We take our time with our customers to make sure they get exactly they want. Quality and professionalism is our top priorities. Still have questions? Email us anytime about anything about our custom graphics/designs or anything involved with our site. You can expect a response within 24hrs.



A high quality custom logo for your business, company, event, or anything you need a logo for, we can make it for you. The logo is the face of your company, so we take extra care and attention to detail to make sure its as perfect as can be.

Logos Include:

  • A high quality custom logo
  • Flat logo with transparent background
  • Textured and colored logo with transparent background
  • Logo with plain and custom background
  • Icon or square version of logo if needed
  • High quality PNG, JPEG, and VECTOR files

$30 USD - Paypal Accepted



Similar to logos, avatars are used mostly for icons on social, gaming, or other profiles on the internet. We will make sure your profile stands out with an awesome icon or avatar custom made just for you.

Avatars include:

  • A high quality custom avatar
  • Avatar text with transparent background
  • Avatar with custom background
  • Icon version (100x100)
  • High quality PNG and JPEG files

$15 USD - Paypal Accepted



Many sites including social pages like Facebook use some kind of banner. But putting your logo as is can be redundant. We can put this spot to use and include important info, promote current events, show links to other websites, and a new custom design that still perfectly fits with your current logo or avatar.

Banners include:

  • A high quality custom banner
  • Banner with custom background
  • Perfectly sized Facebook version
  • 1 one other custom sized version
  • High quality PNG and JPEG files

$10 USD - Paypal Accepted



Want something to sell or give to customers? How about a custom wallpaper? They are easy to send over an email and take advantage of a great advertizing opportunity. Want one just for personal use or for fun? No problem! If its for your company or yourself we will make sure you get exactly what your looking for.

Wallpapers include:

  • A high quality custom wallpaper
  • Up to 3 different variations
  • Full HD version (1920x1080)
  • 1 other custom sized version
  • High quality PNG and JPEG files

$10 USD - Paypal Accepted


Stream Overlays

Need more followers for your twitch stream? Boost those numbers with you very own custom stream overlay! We do custom fitting if your playing League Of Legends, Dota, or any game you want! No matter what your playing or streaming we got you covered and we are ready to get the perfect custom look for your channel.

Stream overlays include:

  • A high quality custom stream overlay
  • Full HD version (1920x1080)
  • 1 custom sized version
  • Optional animated element
  • High quality PNG and GIF files

$15 USD - Paypal Accepted


Album Covers

Nothing quite grabs your attention while selecting music more than a fantastic album cover. A good album cover can mean the difference between someone giving your music a chance, or never remembering that it existed. We are going to work with you to make sure you get the custom look you have been searching for.

Album covers includes:

  • A high quality custom album cover
  • Large (1500x1500) version
  • Icon 200x200 version
  • 1 custom sized version
  • High quality PNG and JPEG files

$20 USD - Paypal Accepted


Did not see what you are looking for? That does not mean we don't do it! If you have any questions about design projects or want to purchase anything you see above please email us at:



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