Etw Studios is proud to partner with Valiance Recordings. Valiance Recordings, as well as advertizing their artists, help grow and teach them to reach their full potential. 

""Valiance Recordings is a record label started by two young producers. We are looking for young artists who have what it takes to get to the top! Valiance is focused on training artist who have potential, to get to bigger and better labels. In short, our goal is to help artists in their musical career."'

Signed artists: 
@rylanbohr (Rylan Bohr)
@gabe7125 (GabeC)
@rev1vedofficial (REV1VED)
@12thsonofjacob (12th Son Of Jacob)
@officialecko (Ecko)
@astronun (Astronun)

All demo's are accepted, and can be sent to Valiance Recording's message box on SoundCloud . However, we ask the you keep the following in mind when submitting your demo:

1. Keep it clean:
Anything containing language, profanity, explicit content, and/or suggestive references will be immediately discarded regardless of artist or reputation

2. Submit only one demo:
We ask this only for your benefit. We will base our decision of whether or not to sign you on the song you send as a demo. We may look at your page, but that is only to see if we find anything in your other songs that violate rule #1 (see above).

3. Do not submit a remix:
We want something that is 100% original so that we can get a grasp of your skill level. If you send in a remix as a demo, we will not accept it.

Thank you for visiting Valiance Recording's page. We hope that you will consider signing with us!

Have a great day!
~Valiance Recordings

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